Outsourced IT Solution

Do you feel that paying a full time resource to be your ‘Computer Expert’ is a waste of money? Do you have a ‘moonlighter’ handle your IT issues who has another full time job and addresses your needs based on his/her schedule?

Application Design

Application design involves haveing us assess your business and create taylor-made software that suits your business needs. A custom appliocation will streamline your process, make it easier to budget and control your money and ultimate increase productivity.

Inventory Management

Are you struggling with keeping inventory up to date? Do you use spreadsheets to keep track of your orders and inventory and paying a salary for a spreadsheet ‘expert’. What if your process of pulling inventory and order entry were fully integrated with each other and accounting via an easy to use order entry process?

Learn about our other services including technology assessment, accounting solutions and support.

Are you struggling with
keeping inventory

Call BPiT now to let us show how to design a business application that fits your business and makes you more productive and agile.