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When choosing hardware vendors for PC’s, a major consideration should be quality of the product and customer support. In today’s competitive environment, price is rarely an issue because each vendor is aware of the current market prices. This is why we recommend Dell as a preferred hardware vendor. They are known both for their quality and excellent customer service. Click below to see their current deals.


If you’re in the market for a flat panel monitor or hardware appliance, such as routers, switches, hubs and Internet VPN devices, try PC Their prices are very competitive, they sell name brands and have proven reliable in deliveries and customer service.


If you’re in need of remote control capabilities, look no further that Citrix which offers for remoting into your PC when you’re away or for remoting into another person’s computer for troubleshooting or finally for hosting online meetings for demonstrations along with video as well.


You’re a small business but you want to project a big business image. A great way to do this economically is to use a phone system that projects just that. is a virtual phone system that you setup and configure through a web interface. Create as many extensions that you need, even record messages that allow callers to learn about you and your company. You can also instruct the system to follow you wherever you go.


Another service that provides virtual phone functions is


If your PC seems to be running a little slow, it’s 2-3 years old or if you consistently run multiple applications simultaneously, a new computer is not always the answer. Give your computer a boost of system memory and you will see a noticeable difference in speed and performance. If you’re computer is running Windows 7, you should have a minimum of 4GB of memory. However, if you run multiple applications at once, 8GB or more is recommended. This increase in memory will also extend the life of the computer since it will continue to perform for you for years to come.

We recommend Crucial Technology for your memory needs. They have a memory selector tool that allows you to enter your computer manufacturer and model number to ensure you get the right part and their prices are very competitive. They also deliver on time and have courteous customer support. Check out their USB flash drives also. They provide portable memory that allows you to take crucial data with you and provide a secondary backup device.

Web & E-Mail Hosting

If you are looking to create your own website and/or have your own e-mail accounts, you will need to have a company host it for you. This is clearly the most cost efficient and reliable option for small businesses. There are literally hundred’s if not thousands of providers out there so choosing a web hosting company can seem confusing. We can help sort through the variety of plans and select the best choice for your business.