“The ability of BPiT, Inc. to effectively set our IT course, as well as implement our corporate vision, has made them a welcome and necessary addition to our organization.”

BPiT continues to keep us on the cutting edge of Information Technology while keeping our costs low and maximizing our resources.

Our relationship with BPiT, Inc. dates back to 1995 when they built a custom inventory management and Order Entry system for our business. They also showed us how to use an integrated accounting system solution to effectively handle our receivables, payables and company financial data. They have since redesigned and re-engineered our systems to keep us up to date with the latest technologies while simultaneously keeping us as efficient as possible.

J. Palumbo, Owner, Palumbo Trucking and Warehousing

I highly recommend BPiT, Inc. for your Information Technology needs.

Back in 2002, we needed to upgrade our operational systems due to the fact that our system at the time was outdated, did not perform all the functions that were required of our business and was no longer supported by our vendor. BPiT came in and interviewed us to learn our business and used this information to prepare a detailed report and proposal showing us our options, the benefits and disadvantages of each option and estimated costs associated with each option. This first step in the process was very helpful because it identified our needs and made the eventual choices we made much easier to make. After choosing to buy an existing software package (as opposed to custom built software), BPiT did all the legwork in evaluating multiple packages for our business, taking into account our requirements in functionality and price. This included testing the packages to ensure the software did what the vendor said it did. Then, after the purchase, they performed installations and even helped with training and implementation. In the end, I found this service extremely beneficial for multiple reasons. First, I am not a software expert, therefore, dealing with software vendors who typically don’t speak my language, is not something I am used to doing. Second, their experience in working with outside vendors and software in general was invaluable in making this implementation become the success it has. Lastly, BPiT did exactly what they said they would do. And I trust them implicitly, since the solution that they recommended to us was not the solution that would generate the most revenue for them, but was the solution that was the best choice for us.

J. Tabano, President, PJT Logistics

As we continue to grow, we look to BPiT to be our Information Technology partner to continue to help us be the best we can be.

When we started our business, we were capturing all of our company data (inventory, orders, etc.) using spreadsheets. At first this was acceptable due to low costs, knowledge of spreadsheets and relatively low volume. But as our business started to grow, it became obvious that spreadsheets were not the answer to administering our business. Enter BPiT. They came in and worked with us in first understanding our business and then built an automated solution according to specifications that fit our business and our budget. The solution provided by BPiT, significantly reduced the amount of time it takes to manage our customers, inventory and orders and brought us analytical and reporting abilities that we never had before. Now I spend much more time focusing on my customers and the act of doing business and spend much less time preparing and working with company data.

E. Meyer, President, ILUNA USA, LLC

BPiT, Inc. operates as an extension of our IT Department. Their staff understands not only our technology,

but also our corporate goals and our budget. This makes them an ideal partner for us in all things IT. BPiT built a customized Trade Entry system for my operation, in 1999. The trade system paid immediate dividends in savings since it tracked information that was previously too time consuming to track by hand. In addition, the system completely eliminated many tedious and time consuming tasks that previously bogged us down. BPiT then built electronic interfaces to our clearing firms which eliminated duplicate efforts and significantly reduced errors. This was a benefit to both us and our clearing firm(s) since it saved both of us time and effort and most important, money. Now as our business has grown the system has enabled us to handle the increase in volume with a disproportionate increase in personnel. BPiT continues to add value to our business by providing excellent, courteous service when needed. Whenever we call, Bob responds quickly and effectively to our needs and requests. As my needs have changed, Bob has risen to the challenge and provided me with accurate, timely and effective changes to my system. Thank you Bob, for all your help.

J. Lynn, President, Bay Area Investments

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